Name Redacted – Purge – You’re a Dick, Eat a Sandwich?

This week we are delighted to present you with the minds behind North Carolina’s only local comic book hero, Purge! We have Roosevelt Pitt and Mshindo Kuumba, (the creator/writer and one of the artists of the title) on to talk about the resurgence and re-release of their classic comics created in 1993 in Winston-Salem, NC. Purge was one of the pioneer comic book titles in the Black Age of Comics era, and was featured internationally on Television and numerous publications. Its first run sold over 1 million copies, and we are excited to see it relaunch! This one was a blast and the only way to do it justice is to just tell you to listen to us sit down and talk with these two absolutely awe-inspiring individuals as they take us (and YOU) on a journey that can be qualified as nothing less than utterly spiritual.



Chris- Pikmin 3

Mshindo- 5 on the Black Hand Side

Roosevelt- Sanford & Sons/ Good Times

Roosevelt Pitt and Mshindo Kuuma need your help! On August 8 the Kickstarter for the re-release of Purge goes live. The starting goal for is $2500 to publish the first edition. Stretch goals start at $3000 which will enable them to print extra books to donate to schools including 3 in Africa, $6000 gets us Issue 2 and $8000 gets us an animated short!


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