Name Redacted-Blunderbuss Wedding

Today on Name Redacted we shoot the shit and talk about our upcoming weekend at NC Comicon! Come see us at the two panels we’re on, the three we moderate, and the various other awesome events we’ll be at this weekend listed below:


2:30 pm: Making Comics 101

3:30 pm: Building an Audience

7:00 pm: Drink and Draw


1:30 pm: Podcasting 101

4:30 pm: Webcomics Workshop

5:30 pm: Podcasting: Get Heard

8:30 pm: Guardians of the Gala


Collin: Westworld

Chris: Taillight Rebellion/ Redneckromancey

Alex: Spicy Honey Chicken Biscuit from Biscuitville/ Safari Nation

Olivia: Annies Cheddar Bunnies

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